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MagnOS is an Open Source operating system, made to learn how to make operating systems with Cosmos.

MagnOS is based on other Cosmos projects like NoobOS, PearOS, and some other parts of the code that were not written by me (Like the ACPI library). I took some code from other open source projects, I don't think there is too much trouble with it while I keep it open source too. But if you have some troubles with it, please send me a mail to telling me why should I remove your code from mine, or better yet, tell me in the discussions so I can verify you are the owner trough your codeplex username.

I am not an expert on this, and I am making this just in order to learn, so expect crappy code or unefficient code. I know C#, but I am not that much into operating systems.

Since this is just for learning, I don't know what will happen with this in the future. Let's hope I manage to make something wonderfull out of it.

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